Freshwater Fishing Adventures

Guided Fishing Trips in Lake Palestine, TX

CATFISH TRIPS are designed to come away with as many fillets for the freezer as we can. Perfect for that next fish fry. Half day (5hrs) $400 for 2 people $100 more per person 4 person max - Full day (9hrs) $150 more

catfish catch at lake palestine

CRAPPIE TRIPS focus on showing you how to target crappie and boat as many as possible. Half day (5hrs) $400 for 2 people, add a 3rd person for $100 - Full day (9hrs) $150 more

cooler for of crappie caught from lake palestine

LARGEMOUTH BASS TRIPS focus on learning how to locate and target quality largemouth. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finessing them into biting. Half day (5hrs) $400 for 1-2 people - Full day (9hrs) $150 more

man holding large mouth bass on lake palestine

TROPHY CATFISH TRIPS are generally available November - March. Ask if available during the remainder of the year, special requests may be possible - Full day (9hrs) $550 for 1-3 people

trophy size catfish from fishing charter in lake palestine

NIGHT TRIPS are a great way to dodge the Texas heat and still have a blast fishing. These trips target multi species and are sometimes more productive than fishing in the day time. Half day (5hrs) $400 for 2 people. $100 more per person. 4 person max. 2nd boat may be available upon request, accommodating up to 8 people.

night fishing trip on lake palestine